Our Industries

The future of commerce is personal. To succeed, brands of all industries must gain access to the real-time preferences and opinions of the individual consumer. Only then, can they begin to create a bespoke customer experience that is personalized to each and every visitor.

We Operate in

Apparel, Footwear & Accesories

Product Development

Before investing in new supply, poll consumers to discover which features they want most and build products they will love.

Price Testing

Understand your consumers’ willingness to pay for your products and how to price your offering to optimize profitability.

We Operate in

Restaurant, Hotels & Hospitality

Location Demand Testing

Gauge interest amongst both customers and potential customers as you consider which locations to launch next.

New Concept Testing

Test branding ideas, product offerings, advertising campaigns and more.

We Operate in

Health, Wellness & Fitness Clubs

Brand Monitoring

Monitor brand performance to ensure quality control across all customer touchpoints.

Optimize Ad Campaigns

Minimize advertising costs by targeting the right consumers with tailored ad campaigns that reflect their personal preferences.

We Operate in

Consumer Goods


Use consumer profiles, preferences and habits to identify new potential distribution channels and beneficial partnerships.

Competitor Analysis

Measure how consumers perceive your brand and product offerings vs your competitors.

We Operate in

Live Events & Conferences

Loyalty Marketing

Acquire more customers through referral marketing by activating your most engaged brand loyalists. Reward advocates with personalized offers.

Drive Conversions

Use real-time feedback to increase audience participation and cultivate more engaging experiences. Post-event analysis can help identify ways in which you can improve the fan experience.

We Operate in

Entertainment Media & Publishers

Trend Forecasting

Draw correlations between consumer profiles and preferences to measure consumer sentiment and predict reactions to new trends.

Brand Performance

Design branding – from logos to marketing materials – that appeal to your audience. Turn consumer preferences into actionable brand insights and invest in the creation of brand messaging that will resonate with your ideal audience.

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