Value Creation

Stop relying on third-parties to determine the price of customer PII Datapoints. Build in house data stores by licensing first party data direct from the


Decide which data you want to sell and to whom. Datasets can be sold in the open marketplace or our platform can be used to conduct private sales between your network of existing partners.

Better Sourcing

Allocate + buy specific datasets from various sources, rather than relying solely on your own information pipelines.

Data Exchange

Our data exchanges creates data new pathways and disintermediates the current oligopoly created by passive data collectors by connecting data producers directly with data consumers via a transparent real-time exchange.

Our marketplace connects companies and brands to actionable data, direct from the consumer. Individuals are able to monetize and trade their consumer insight data allowing companies and brands to purchase real-time qualitative and quantitative
first party data direct from the source.

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