The Datamarx Platform

Get answers you need from individuals all across the
web + mobile in real time and at scale.

Product Development

Create innovative products faster by leveraging demand signals sourced directly from your customers. Before investing in new supply, poll consumers to discover which features they want most and build products they will love.

Strategic Planning

Lower decision risk of capital intensive business moves by more accurately forecasting demand. Identify new trends and grow your business in-line with consumer preferences and expectations.

Commercial Analysis

Discover new market positioning opportunities. Optimize the pricing and distribution of your product & services. Ensure the right products are making it to the right customers at the right time by monitoring distribution channels.

So you're asking...

Here's how it works

The end-consumer is a brand’s most valuable consultant. Build a better business with the power of first-party data. Easily access actionable insights directly from millions of individual consumers across the web + mobile.

Work together with the consumer to create a supply of products and services that have a pre-stated demand

The Power Of...

Real-Time Data

We empower businesses, both large and small, with an automated, real-time alternative for harvesting customer insights and displacing their current reliance on costly and inefficient third party market research techniques.

With signup, you’ll be joining a cumulative database of customer profile data, allowing for cross-reference verification of feedback and verifiable metrics of conversion.

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